Blue Bean Imports is a San Francisco based fine spirit import, wholesale and distribution company. We are the exclusive distributor for GUASCA Colombian Spirit and Quiquiriqui Mezcal in the United States.

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Quiquiriqui  Mezcals are all handcrafted spirits, made in Oaxaca, Mexico. Our Mezcals are made from locally grown agave plants, matured for at least 7 years then roasted, fermented  and distilled using time honored traditional methods. All our Mezcals are 100% Agave, and produced to order in small batches. Great to sip neat or as a fantastic base for cocktails.


Quiquiriqui Matatlan

Agave type: Espadin. 45% ABV
Origin: Single Palenque

This unaged (Joven) Mezcal is produced the village of Santiago Matatlan, famed for its long history of Mezcal production. Made using locally grown, mature Espadin Agave, Quiquiriqui Matatlan has a smooth taste with distinct roasted agave flavors and a peppery finish that is characteristic with the Espadin agave. The agave are roasted in fire pits, crushed using a Tahona (stone wheel) then fermented outside in oak vats relying on natural airborne yeasts. The final process is adouble distillation in small copper stills.



Quiquiriqui San Juan del Rio

Agave type:  Espadin.  48% ABV
Origin: Single Palenque

Made on the riverbank at San Juan del Rio by a fourth generation Master Mezcallero who works exclusively with Quiquiriqui. This Mezcal is a very small production with approx 600 litres being made from each roast. Quiquiriqui San Juan del Rio has lively citrus notes and a complexity closely associated with its terroir. This Mezcal is made from a family recipe unchanged for over 60 years. The second distillation is blended from just the heads, hearts and tails resulting in a slightly higher proof spirit.



GUASCA is a unique distilled spirit made from fruits indigenous to South America and produced in the tiny village of Guasca, just outside Bogota. We buy our fruit locally from small, local farmers, blend the fruit into a mash and ferment low and slow for about a month. Finally we distill, extracting only the purest part of the spirit and add water to the perfect blend at 35 ABV. No sugar or additives, just pure delicious spirit.

Feijoa fruit is best likened to a guavasteen or pineapple guava. It is small, with a semi hard skin and soft fleshy inside. It tastes floral with a bit of welcome funk, some might say like standing in the garden after a nice rain.

Uchuva fruit is very similar to a gooseberry or goldenberry. It has a rich yellow color and tastes bright and sweet. Theperfect addition to any spring/summer cocktail.